Monday, April 7, 2014

mini tour

we've been living in this house for almost a year now. we still have unopened boxes in the garage, a few new furniture pieces to acquire for the bedroom and office, and some major landscaping will be starting soon. they say there is always something that needs to be done around the house, and we're finding that phrase to ring very true for us. and that's totally okay. the two rooms that feel the most complete are the kitchen and the living room. it's where we spend most of our time in the house. i knew from the day we moved in that my first move-in priority was getting the living room set up. though it's been a mostly settled room since our first few weeks, things have shifted a bit here and there and evolved. this is kind of just where it's at right now with our record collection, some of my favorite books and plays, and a little taste of our photo booth shots over the years.

and of course i couldn't resist posting a dining room table shot with one of my favorite flowers (ranunculus and irish bells) and some shots of my beloved animals.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

cheers to four years, santa barbara + big changes

for my 30th birthday a few weeks ago David gave me some pretty amazing gifts (including a surprise birthday party). one of those gifts included tickets to An Evening with David Sedaris in Santa Barbara two weekends ago. since the weekend was so close to our 4th anniversary (which is today!), we decided to make a weekend of it and stay in the area for a few days. we ended up getting there right before a big storm hit southern california (which we desperately needed, so i can't complain) and as such we trekked the flooded streets and stopped in for shelter at various fun spots. we visited the Santa Barbara Museum of Art where they had this really cool exhibition on space (i LOVE outer space!), went wine tasting and bar crawling, and did some shopping and pier walking. it was a very low key, relaxed weekend and we really needed it. Sedaris was amazing and hilarious (duh) and it was the perfect little birthday/anniversary celebration.

that weekend also marked the end of my beloved job at Anthropologie in Torrance. a couple months ago i decided to take an interview at BHLDN in Beverly Hills (Anthro's bridal pop up shop), and i was offered a position as a stylist there! though it was a really tough decision to leave the Anthro that i call home and all of my friends there (i miss them terribly), it's been so exciting to start a new chapter at BHLDN ("beholden") and begin making new friends there. it's definitely been a bittersweet transition and the commute is not fun (thank you Dominic for the books on tape!!!), but i'm looking forward to what this incredible opportunity will bring in the future and where it will take me. 

lots of changes happening around here, but i know that it's all a part of adulthood, and i am so thankful for all the blessing and opportunities i've been given thus far. i'm really trying to live in the moment and enjoy the blessings while being thankful for the difficulties, knowing that through them i am growing and being molded and refined into the woman i was created to be.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

orange-vanilla granola

yesterday i mentioned that i immediately tried a recipe from the cookbook Bountiful by Todd Porter + Diane Cu (the White On Rice Couple) and here it is. since i had never made granola from scratch before i was always hesitant for some reason, but this incredibly easy recipe seemed so straightforward and simple, and didn't include any obscure or random ingredients. i found all that i needed at my local Sprouts and just whipped up a batch. i had planned to take some with me to the book signing, but David wouldn't let me take it away! though it made quite a large batch, he didn't want to see it vanish. this is definitely going to be my go-to granola recipe. it has so many layered flavors and is such a great meal with yogurt or even to just snack on by the handfuls (which is what i've been doing ever since i made it last friday). you must try it out. 

Monday, February 24, 2014


over the weekend my Anthropologie in Torrance held a book signing event with the authors of Bountiful, an amazing new cookbook by Todd Porter & Diane Cu of the White On Rice Couple fame.  even though i don't work on saturdays i made the trip out there to meet these kind and down-to-earth people. not only did they come bearing gifts for all of us Anthro girls (flowers from their garden and beautiful cards of photos from their blog), but they were so friendly and eager to answer any of our questions or offer tips and fantastic cooking advice. 

all of the drinks and hors d'oeuvres made by the Anthro team were super tasty. i'm not even joking when i say i had about 5 servings of the crack dip. it lives up to it's name for sure. i'm absolutely serious when i say that each and every recipe in this cookbook is extremely user friendly with only the best ingredients and easy to follow instructions.

i have to admit that i'm kind of a cookbook addict (ask David, he'll tell you the truth) - i have stacks and stacks of them - many only offer the beauty of the cookbooks themselves, with recipes that seem too complicated to even attempt, but not this one. Bountiful belongs with the very few cookbooks that i look through feeling so inspired by the beautiful photography and encouraged to make these simple and approachable meals. and even rarer is it that i actually dive right in almost immediately and try out a recipe (which i did, the granola, and yes it's the best granola i've ever had-look out for a special post). 

do yourself a favor and get this cookbook at your local Anthropologie immediately. and also check out their blog for even more recipes and inspiration. i can't wait to make the Meyer Lemon Magic Custard Cake.

thanks again to Todd and Diane, it was such a pleasure to meet you!

Friday, February 7, 2014


must always begin with coffee, quiet time, and these two knuckleheads. i could really get used to these three day weekends, although i know i shouldn't count on them. as soon as business picks up at work i'll have to say goodbye to sleeping in a little on fridays. but in the meantime i'm going to enjoy every minute. today i have plans to check some errands and to-do's off of my list, finish my current read, and maybe even start on an art project i've been bouncing around in my head.