Wednesday, December 31, 2014

thirty-nine weeks

it's the last day of the year. i am 6 days away from my due date. i got over a cold about a week ago only to have caught another one yesterday and i feel pretty crummy, but it's better to be sick now than with an infant. David has basically commanded me to lay on the couch all day for the next few days to rest up and get better so i'm trying hard to listen. i don't want to be sick and exhausted when i go into labor.

the last few weeks have been such a flurry of activity and busyness with the holidays and preparing for this baby boy. i've finally checked off pretty much everything from my to do list and now we play the waiting game. i'd love for this little man to hold out for a few more days until my doctor gets back from his vacation this weekend, but when that happens i'll probably be trying every old wives' tale in the book to naturally induce labor. i can't wait to see this little guy's face and hold him in my arms.

i've been really upping my weaving game in the last few weeks. i've made 3 pieces as gifts in only a few days time, i taught a couple girlfriends the ropes and how to get started and they've already been busy making beautiful pieces themselves. i finally made that weaving for the nursery, which still needs to be hung, i'm just waiting on a custom piece a friend is making for me to hang it next to. i made a mini collection of weavings that hang in our bedroom. i'm always thinking about the next piece. i've had several people ask me if i'd make them a weaving or if i'm planning on selling or teaching. this may end up becoming a hobby turned small business. after i get in the groove of being a mama i might just start up my own online shop or something. why not??

oh! and i also made that feather mobile that hangs above the changing table next to that amazing antler study from Moorea Seal's shop.

i'd love to talk more about this year and what it taught me and brought me, but the couch and netflix is really calling my name. i hope you all had an amazing 2014 and that we all have an even better 2015. next time you hear from me i'll probably be introducing you to our son. i can't wait.


Friday, September 19, 2014

quiet bits of time

things have been quite busy around here lately. my mom and my nieces came over to help me clean and organize our guest room (soon to be nursery) and our office. both of these rooms have been a major mess since we moved in. the office served as a place to stash unopened boxes and the guest room was practically my closet. it was an overwhelming job that i always avoided. but since this baby is coming whether we're ready or not things really needed to get taken care of. what ended up happening was i sat down with my pregnant belly and watched as my family whipped it all up for me in just a few days. i am amazed at the progress made in such a short period of time! this kind of thing was never something i was very good at. when people say you eat an elephant one bite at a time i just can't look past the whole elephant sometimes and my anxiety sets in. thankfully that's not the case for my nieces and my mom. it was as if they got it all done with a snap of their fingers. i am SO thankful.

and since i now have a space and little bits of time to relax and create things, i started on a second practice weaving with my new loom from Maryanne Moodie and tools from Hello Chiqui. the loom kit came with this amazing yarn that i'm reserving for a special weaving that will hang in the new nursery. i'll be taking a coveted LA class in weaving taught by Maryanne come October and i am extremely excited to learn more about this art. i've always loved working with yarn and wool and i've been doing some form of needlework ever since i was a child, so this kind of thing just seems so natural for me. i'm so inspired by the pieces that i've seen lately and i'm eager to start a collection of my own. i know that once the baby is here that will have to go on the back burner for a while, but i want to get a good foundation going beforehand so that i'm even more motivated to pick it up again in any free time that i'll be able to find. 

tomorrow we are off to our good friends' wedding and are excited to celebrate those two! it should be a fantastic day full of love and merriment. 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

half way

things seem to be going so slow and so fast all at the same time. at just over 21 weeks along (almost 5 1/2 months) i am passed the halfway point in this pregnancy. little one is kicking and moving around like crazy these days. even David has been able to feel some kicks here and there. i've been craving breakfast foods (pancakes! waffles! french toast! syrup!! sausage! BACON!) around the clock. thankfully there really aren't any decent restaurants that serve breakfast all day, so i've only been giving in to these cravings every once in a while. i've been trying to eat whole foods at least 80 percent of the time (except for on vacation-that was a different story), and i exercise almost every single day for at least an hour at a time. i'm determined to set this kid up for healthy habits and that starts in the womb. all in all the second trimester really is all it's cracked up to be. i have actual energy, i'm not exhausted all the time, and i generally feel pretty good. so of course i am soaking it all in before it gets cray cray.

and speaking of craziness-we still have a lot of work to do around the house. our landscaping is coming along great, but it's still not finished like i hoped it would be by this time. we've lived in this house over a year now and still haven't fully moved in. there are still boxes in our garage and office. our bedroom is still kind of a mess and the nursery really served as a giant closet for me. i have too many clothes. it just boils down to that. too much of everything. i want to simplify and downsize, so that's the name of the game these days. it's busy work, but it needs to be done. especially now that we are finished with pretty much all of our traveling for the rest of the year.

last week we returned from a three week vacation/business trip. we traveled down south to Coronado, which was so relaxing and peaceful. then off to Chicago where we caught up with some awesome friends and explored the city as much as this pregnant lady could handle. then we went to Kansas for the business stuff but only stayed a few days. i didn't take as many photos as i wish i had, but traveling always leaves me with the best memories so i'm okay with it. 

in other news, i am pretty much over summer. i want it to be fall, like, right now. this heat is just stupid. i'm sure that it doesn't help that i'm pregnant and run hotter these days anyway, but seriously we need some relief. California desperately needs some rain. i need to take Guthrie for his morning walks and not feel like my skin is melting off. my house needs a break from the air conditioning (i don't like using the pregnancy card, but i certainly did to convince my husband i can't live without ac in my condition). if we have yet another indian summer this year i'll probably scream.

other than the heat i really can't complain. life is pretty sweet right now. and from what i've heard it's about to get even sweeter.
*heart eyes* *heart eyes* *heart eyes*

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

we finally know

this week i felt the baby move around for the first time. i also heard the heartbeat for the 4th time. and most exciting of all, we finally found out whether baby H is a boy or a girl...

yesterday morning we went in for an anatomy scan ultrasound and fully expected to find out the gender. we asked the technician not to tell us in the office, but to seal the results in an envelope so that David and i could find out on our own. as it turned out our little one was being way too shy (or stubborn) and kept it's legs firmly crossed, blocking any clear view for at least 15 minutes. we had to be sent home disappointed and worried that we wouldn't be able to find out for at least another month. we had really been looking forward to this news and the suspense was killing us.

after David went to work and i spent a couple hours moping around the house i decided to take matters into my own hands. within minutes i had an appointment scheduled at a non-medical ultrasound clinic for later in the day. thankfully i had some things to do in the meantime so that i didn't go crazy with anticipation. but on my way to the clinic i stopped by 7-eleven for a cherry slurpee to get that baby moving and my nerves started to kick into high gear.

when i finally laid down on that table my heart was racing from the sugar rush and anticipation and worry. after listening and looking at the heartbeat and watching that baby move around all crazy the technician started to search for the gender. a few minutes later she sighed and told me that she couldn't see anything because the umbilical cord was in the way! another 10 minutes passed as she tried to get the baby to shift around, but then those little legs crossed again. i just laughed at the situation. what else could i do? at the suggestion of the technician i made a quick trip to the restroom and then she took another look. thankfully that did the trick. what a total relief. within hours we would know. we would know!

i left the clinic with the secret results in a sealed envelope and made my way to BabyGap. after spending way too much time choosing a boy outfit and a girl outfit, as well as a couple of gender neutral items, i made my way to the cash wrap and presented my odd request to the girl at the counter. after giving her the sealed envelope and kindly asking her to only ring me up for the gender appropriate outfit, wrapped and covered by the other two items, i turned my back and felt really silly while she did as i asked. i had expected that people probably did this often, but apparently it's not too common. go figure.

of course i quickly rushed home to meet David. we chose to get dinner at his favorite restaurant and brought the surprise with us. as soon as we ordered our meal we both took a deep breath and opened the bag...

finding out together like that is one of my favorite moments ever. i can't even describe the feeling. we are just completely over the moon.

as i'm sure you may have guessed we've chosen not to reveal the gender for a while. our parents know, and we might tell a couple other family members, but we just want this to be a secret for now. although i would love to hear what you think it is!

*by the way, BabyGap has some really cute gender neutral baby clothes like the one in the photo if you're looking for some :)

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


pretty soon David will have to shave off his beard for a business trip and we're both dreading it. i've always loved his facial hair. it's been a while since he has had to shave for work and so his beard has gotten pretty epic. he really takes care of that thing. oh well, it'll grow back.

as for me i feel like i'm having a bit of a belly growth spurt. i am currently about 17 weeks along. apparently the baby is supposed to double it's size in the next couple weeks, so i'm preparing for it the only way i know how: lots of moisturizing. since my last post my nausea has pretty much completely gone away (hallelujah), but it seems like i'm getting more hungry more often. so i've upped the ante on my exercise routine to help compensate for the inevitable weight gain.

next week we will hopefully find out the sex of the baby, although we are planning on not publicly announcing it for a while. of  course, we are pretty anxious to finally know. and in two weeks we will be taking a little family vacation to Coronado Island. i am looking forward to laying out and reading and doing absolutely nothing. then later in the month we'll be visiting Chicago and Kansas for David's business trip. August is going to be a busy month. 

in the meantime i've been trying to get some things done around the house here and there to begin preparations for this little one's arrival. we're getting some work done in our back and front yards and some major downsizing will need to happen in order to clear out some space for our growing family. i'm not naturally very great at organization so this is proving to be a bit of a challenge for me, but i'll get it together eventually. i have to (ha!)